Wedding photographer at San Giorgio in Velabro church, Rome
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Laura & Marzio

Laura & Marzio

A beautiful marriage in a country house just in the heart of the eternal city: Marzio and Laura chose to celebrate their marriage in San Giorgio in Velabro romantic church, just in the center of Rome, I was designed to be their wedding photographer as I am well known to be a whimsical man.
The church of san Giorgio al Velabro is located in a secluded area worth getting to know, near the Tiber river.
Place is magic, it is away from the crowded tourist routes is underscored by the presence of the ancient Argetari arc adjacent to the church itself.

Legend says that one special day a lucky couple will pass through and from the arch will fall a shower of coins from a treasure hidden here by the Brotherhood Argentariorum. The gift will be reserved only to married couples.

For their reception they have chosen an ancient 1800 villa, located in the heart of Rome a few minutes from St. Peter and Villa Doria Pamphili.
We can surely say that this could be a perfect place for your italian marriage in just in the heart of the Dolce Vita…let your dreams come true!

Alessandro Zingone
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