Roman countryside wedding photographer
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Elena & Danilo

Elena & Danilo

The Roman countryside, a perfect setting for the wedding  of Elena and Danilo: Castel Sant’Elia is a romantic medieval village a few kilometers from Rome.

Surrounded by a domineering nature, crossed with rocks and bumps, this place holds mysteries and historical memories blended together.

Going to the edge of a cliff , you can enjoy one of the finest churches of the region: the St. Elias’s basilica, that because of its singularity, it has been chosen several times as movie set.

In order to emphasize in a discreet way the charm full of past and sacredness of the church, Elena has chosen the total white color for her floral arrangements, highlighting the central nave with beautiful little flowered trees.

A villa, inserted in an estate surrounded by the nearby park of Vejo, has hosted the reception. The residence in Roman times was an old station, post office, place of rest for the travelers of the time.

The discrete hospitality and welcome still are the distinguishing features of this elegant wedding location which, at near Rome, is a true oasis of peace surrounded by exceptional natural environment. The pool and the inner halls, were the ideal setting of the wedding party that ended late at night with exiting dances and lots of fun. 

Alessandro Zingone
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