Santa Marinella Castle Wedding photographer
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Jelena & Konrad

Jelena & Konrad

It was a hot late spring afternoon and I was happily swimming in the sea in in front Santa Marinella, wonderful, warm, pristine water… if I wasn’t in Italy I could swear this was Sardinia.
While I was swimming I don’t know why I found myself thinking about the Giant Redwood. The Larch. The Fir. The mighty Scots Pine. The lofty flowering Cherry! Leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of Canada. But why…?
OMG!!! Suddenly I gasped in the water, almost drowning in that doomed foreshore foot of water… all because… I shouldn’t be here! Is should be in the castle portraying all the phases of the wedding of Jelena and Konrad, that lovely, nice and cuties newlywed lass and lad from Canada!
Because that’s what I am: a darn good wedding photojournalist!!!

After I met Jelena and Konrad I’ll never again think of Canada as the sawmill of the planet, the reservoir of maple syrup for the humankind nor the place where someone invented the snow; I’ll think to Canada as a synonymous of “love”, because that cute and lovely couple were its harbingers.

They had to organize everything blindly because they never had the occasion to visit the Santa Marinella castle, but anyway it was love at first sight, the ideal place to crown their love, and with the help of a proficient WP, they got everything right in place and in time, and I was there to witness everything with pictures.

This umpteenth Odescalchi Family Castle was built facing the sea, over the ruins and the site of an ancient Etruscan town, Punicum (we are talking of more than 2800 years ago), the place was conceived as a guard post against Moorish invaders, these posts were lined all along the coasts of southern and middle Italy, so that every 20 or 30 kilometers you can spot a tower or a castle.
In this case you have a central tower and a manor built all around, it’s something very typical, very ancient and, most of all, very striking. So charming that nowadays it cannot be overlook as place to celebrate a wedding and of course have some unforgettable pictures.

As a wedding photographer I cunningly took advantage of every nuance offered by the various day moments, the castle and the scenery of the old village and the dock.
A dock is nothing less than a parking lot for boats and crafts but it always a better view and it makes a flawless model, I you think about it that’s odd, isn’t it?

Alessandro Zingone
[email protected]
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