Wedding Photographer Rome | Engagement photography
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Hi, my name is Alessandro Zingone

I am a well know reportage wedding photographer, oh, let’s just say my name is legend in these parts. Well… perhaps not legend but it never fails to get a big laugh… sometimes even not so big.

I was born in Rome in the 70s and grew up in rural areas to the north of the old city :
a carefree life in the countryside, where I spent the afternoons after school to eat the fruit of our trees on which jumped from branch to branch in the great land of my parents and to look after our horses, dogs, and goats, until, exhausted, I left down to read comics on the hay and dream of becoming a superhero.

Like many young people it happened that I had to prepare myself for the examination of baccalaureate; I was not ready for this! I was a man of action practiced martial arts and I was too busy to find a way to defeat the crime that I did not really want to study . I had to invent something to waste time and decided that I wanted to repaint our whole farm, including the barn ! Moving the furniture I opened a chest and I ran into an old Nikon F2 of my father, but then I did not think, soon, finding that changed my life forever.

I began to experiment with the machine and the various films , I asked money to my parents just to be able to study photography and buy lenses and films, I was so happy that I even wanted to do final exams for school, in order I would have had time to devote to my new passion. I was able to.

The years after were wonderful, not the camera pulled away from my neck for three years, I was locked at night in a cemetery because I missed taking pictures of cats among the graves, I carried the Nikon also to university and photographing everything and writing down shooting data on a notebook ( the metadata of a time …) to review them later, I spent the nights to print black and white films in my bedroom.
Then I decided to make photography my job and would not change it ever.

to take pictures with low light0%
to frame moving subject0%
to find the right exposure0%
to refuse lunch with old aunts0%