Italian Wedding Photojournalist | Federica & Andy
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Federica & Andy

Federica and Andy decided to get married in Santa Marinella, the pearl the Tyrrhenian Sea, a popular coastal town located between Rome and Civitavecchia.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Odescalchi Castle, an exclusive location overlooking the sea, surrounded by a lush Mediterranean vegetation of olive trees, agaves and palms.

After the civil ceremony in the courtyard of the castle and photos along the sea; the photo shoot continued with the reception held in the open spaces of the castle and thanks to the wonderful summer evening, everybody had the chance to enjoy the landscape from the castle till late at night. Note the refined decorations created by the wedding planner and catering service of the Odescalchi Castle of Santa Marinella.

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1340  _AAA3351

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