Italian Wedding Photojournalist | Vanessa & Stuart
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wedding photo service in Rome

Vanessa & Stuart

Vanessa and Stuart with their daughters and some friends, came to Rome from London to celebrate their italian destination wedding and spend a weekend among the capital’s monuments and museums and the shopping in the streets of downtown.
On a beautiful autumn day, typical of the city of Rome, we took a ride aboard a Bentley of 56 among the classics sites of the city: the Colosseo, the Campidoglio and its terrace overlooking the Roman Forum.

100 __ZIG6907

107 __ZIG6914

110 __ZIG6918

127 __ZIG6937

163 __ZIG6966

169 __ZIG6977

197 __ZIG7022

206 __ZIN8511

234 __ZIG7067

267 __ZIG7143

272 __ZIG7150

294 __ZIN8569

298 __ZIG7156

300 __ZIN8577

317 __ZIG7179

399 __ZIG7251

424 __ZIG7284

592 __ZIN8770

657 __ZIN8820

697 __ZIN8874

739 __ZIG7477

818 __ZIN8961

819 __ZIN8962

848 __ZIG7581

850 __ZIG7583

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