Wedding photographer at Odescalchi Stables Castle of Bracciano Rome
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Maria Cristina & Fabrizio

Maria Cristina & Fabrizio

Rain on her wedding day brings a bride good luck!
But brings a wedding photographer a very bad luck in the shape of dump and wet lens, so every time I see a grey cloud I go to take shelter under the newlyweds table, and this happens even in indoor sessions…
Jokes apart, luckily it wasn’t proper rain, it was kind of filthy overcast weather, but weren’t Maria Cristina and Fabrizio lucky in the same way? If it wasn’t for the spectacular organization one could feel totally lucky just for celebrate the wedding at the small church Chiesetta Del Riposo.
This XVI Century chapel endured a long restoration period that brought back all its renaissance beauties, the interior and the frescoes representing religious themes.
But, hey… I don’t want to fool anyone, Italy is a very renaissance country, and you can plainly find tons of churches and basilicas with the same style, scattered all over the territory. Few of them can boast a breathtaking view of lake Bracciano, like Chiesetta Del Riposo does. I am sure that Maria Cristina and Fabrizio took account of this.

After the ceremony and wedding photo session we moved to the Odescalchi Stables, Scuderie Odescalchi. Despite nullified by the cloudy day, the exploit of the astonishing wonderful exteriors has been replaced by a polished and gleaming inside party, where I found all the things that can distract a photographer: branched candlesticks, white furniture and fabrics, flower nosegays that decorated both the candlesticks and the newlyweds table. I almost forgot that Maria Cristina and Fabrizio were the actual targets of the session… until…! Oh my God!!! God give me the grace to repent myself!!! Because I saw her, gorgeous like miss Caribbean, coated like Mata Hari, fragrant like the mountain air and wholesome like rolling down a grassy slope: a gigantic chocolate cake that almost stole the scene, drawing all the guests attention. But I am a pro: I snapped the fingers, backed in the room and continued the session, stoically subduing any mesmerizing attempt to my mind.
All for the sake of Maria Cristina and Fabrizio.

Alessandro Zingone
[email protected]
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