Wedding Photographer at Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano
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Luisa & Stefano

Luisa & Stefano

The castle Odescalchi, overlooking the gorgeous shores of Lake Bracciano, is a fabulous place frozen in time.
This ancient and beautiful scenery and the magic atmosphere make it the ideal spot to enjoy moments of emotion, something that you can also breath in my wedding pictures of this beautiful event.

Stefano and Luisa, in  their spontaneous and natural pictures, have hidden their the natural trepidation that followed them till few hours before the event.

The wedding was celebrated in the cathedral of S. Stefano in the center of Bracciano village.
After the ceremony, Louisa, dressed with a cloud of white tulle has descended the stairs of the cathedral on the arms of her Stefano, accompanied by two small and excited flower girls.

The Odescalchi Castle, chosen for the reception, was set up beautifully for the occasion, in shades of vermilion and white.

The aperitif in the secret garden overlooking the lake between the trees and cedars of Lebanon followed by the dinner in the Caesar’s hall lit by the light of  candelabras.
The romantic reception continued till late at night between with games of light, fountains of fire, music and dancing, all perfect moments for a wedding photographer to capture emotions and fun.

Alessandro Zingone
[email protected]
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