Italian Wedding Photojournalist | FAQ
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What is your preferred style of photography?

Photojournalism, with some natural poses if requested.

In which area do you work?

Our studio is located in Rome, the center of Italy but we like to work everywhere, all over Europe and beyond. In Italy we were almost everywhere plus we went in Switzerland, Tunisia and Argentina.

Who will shoot the photos?

Alessandro is the main photographer and he will realize the photos unless otherwise agreed. There are other professional photographers on staff who can help him in complete marriages.

The photographers speak English or other languages?

Alessandro speaks English quite fluently, his mail is . For French and Spanish we ask you to contact our secretary Stefania at: she speaks different languages very well.

Do you have a limit to the amount of images you will shoot?

NO. The total amount will be around 100 pictures for hour.

The photos that we will post-processed?

Yes! will be perfectly printable from any professional laboratory, while the photos that we will put on album will undergo a process even more accurate.

Who will choose the photos of album?

Usually Alessandro chooses the 50% of the photos for the album, the rest can be chosen by the spouses.

In how many time could we get the job finished?

For weddings that include albums within 20 days we send via Dropbox thumbnails, the complete album will be sent, via international courier, within three months since the couple choose photos.
For weddings only files within a month we send the DVD or memory stick.

If I lose the DVD or memory stick as I do?

By international law we are required to keep files for 10 years, so by the end of this time, you can request a copy by paying only the burning, the support and the courier.

How can I book the date?

To book you have to sign a contract and send at least 300 euro (non-refundable) via bank transfer.

What equipment do you use?

We use professional FULL FRAME Nikon or Canon cameras. Sometimes, when we are at least two, it may happen that we bring other cameras such as Polaroid, infrared cameras or films to get results more unusual.

During the reception will eat you too?

Sure! One of the reasons why I like to do this work is the buffet!
Honestly we can not work many hours without eating and although we will be at the reception to make a photographic record sometimes we will sit at a staff table to eat something.

We saw the photographers at the wedding of some friends of ours who were dressed only in shirt and jeans you also dressed like this?

No. We like to be dressed in elegant white shirt, dark jacket and bow tie so we will similar to guests.